Nacho Daddies debuts at the Mad Hippo Saloon

SATURDAY JANUARY 18TH 930PM Nacho Daddies debuts at Mad Hippo Saloon with music from the 80’s and 90’s.

nacho daddies band mad hippo saloon 81990974_2726123207423714_7400180598913892352_o.jpgnacho daddies band mad hippo saloon 81990974_2726123207423714_7400180598913892352_o.jpg

Published by Amin Rezgui

Amin has a background as a musician around the world, including North Africa and America. In recent years, he has performed on the music scene in Orlando and Kissimmee Florida, and previously in Puerto Rico. He began his career at a young age in Tunisia, his native country, where he received recognition for his performance at International Music Festivals.

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